Alex Kincaid is protrayed by Shaun Dooley.

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Alex's Childhood

Wolfblood2 Kincaid

He was a foster child and his foster parents were wolfbloods. They already had a son and they thought that having a human child around would help to calm him down. However Alex's foster brother was out of control, he used to lock his parents in the cellar and then go up to Alex's room and really pick on him, because Alex wasn't a wolfblood, he was just a pathetic human (in his brother's eyes). Then one full moon, Alex's brother transformed and attacked him. He barely had his leg when his brother was through with him. His foster parents tried to say that it was only the morwal, but Alex knew better because his brother had always been that way.

It was because of his brother that Alex had a deep hatred for wolfbloods.


Years after the attack, he went to work for Segolia and became the Head of Science department. Alex was stealing money from Segolia to fund his experiments to turn wolfbloods human, and give humans wolfblood powers. When Gerwyn discovered the anomaly with the funds, Alex framed him, causing Gerwyn to go on the run. After meeting Shannon, to get her to help him retrieve a Wild Wolfblood DNA sample for his experiments, he offers her the opportunity to go to any college she wanted to, because Segolia would pay for it.

He kidnapped Jana's pack, after pretending to have been sent by her, leaving her to believe that Meinir had stolen the pack away from her. He was pretending to help Shannon, when really all he wanted to do was, help himself with the Wild Wolfbloods by gaining their trust.

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