Alpha Material
Series 3, Episode 3x02
Alpha Material
Airdate 16 September 2014
Written by Debbie Moon
Directed by Matthew Evans
Reception N/A
CBBC Weekly Ranking 2nd
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Ulterior Motives
With Friends Like These

Alpha Material is the second episode of Series 3 of CBBC's show Wolfblood.


Rhydian's leadership skills are put to the test in a matter of life and death.



Rhydian's hopes of a reunion with Maddy are dashed when Dacia reveals that Maddy and her parents are already on their way to Canada by cargo ship, and is too complex for Segolia to reverse. Rhydian declares he will go to Canada and track Maddy down himself. In the woods, Rhydian is surprised by wild wolfbloods Aran and Meinir. They take him to Jana, who’s been shot. Rhydian then takes them to Maddy’s house. Ceri tells Rhydian Jana will die if she isn’t treated. Rhydian calls Tom and Shannon to help, but Tom says his doctor mum will only call the police. Rhydian asks Dacia – but she can’t get a trusted doctor to Jana for some time. With Jana deteriorating, Rhydian rings a vet – but his plan relies on Jana being able to maintain her body in wolf form. Thanks to Ceri she does and the operation is a success. Meinir returns to the pack, though Jana and Ceri are wary about trusting her. Rhydian returns home to face a concerned Mrs. Vaughan which she had worked out that he was running off to find Maddy, and reminds him he has responsibilities to his friends and to his foster brothers, as well as to himself. In deep thought and choice, Rhydian is persuaded and resolves to remain in Stoneybridge.
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