Born Possibly 1998 (same as the main characters)
School Year 9 - Series 1, 10 - Series 2 Possibly
Hair Colour & Eye Colour Blonde/Brunette & brown
Species Human
Family N/A
Interests N/A
Crush N/A
Friends Tilly
Rhydian(seems to emphatic with her)
Enemies/Frenemies Maddy
The Three Ks
Nicknames N/A
First Appearance Maddy Cool!
Last Appearance {{{last appearance}}}
Portrayer Teri Elizabeth Ellington
Becky is a girl who goes to Maddy, Rhydian, Shannon, and Tom's school.

Becky is portrayed by Teri Elizabeth Ellington.

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Becky only seems to appear in episode 6, Maddy Cool. She tells her friend a secret; she doesn't go to sleepovers because she still wets the bed. Maddy overhears it and tells The Three Ks. They go on to tell everyone in the whole school about Becky's secret. After Maddy comes out of the darkroom, from having an argument with Rhydian, Becky accuses Maddy of spreading a rumour (that she still wets her bed). When Maddy says that she had nothing to do with it, Becky calls her a liar and pushes her. Maddy then shoves Becky using her Wolfblood strength backwards so that Becky falls on her back. Mr Jeffries comes through the door and asks Maddy what on earth she thinks she's doing. When her parents find out, Maddy is banned from the party.