• Angel7090695001

    Lysa Myasoray is half Vampire, half Wolfblood. Shunned by wild wolfblood packs and hunted throughout the wild, she decides to give tame life another chance. Hoping to find protection and a pack with the tames of Stoneybridge, will they kill her because of who she is or better yet will she kill them?

    I suppose I was dreading this. It was years since I had set foot in a school; years since I last went tame. My schooling lasted about 8 months before a wild wolfblood pack found me and drove me out. That was one of the times I barely escaped with my life. It taught me an important lesson though. Never dull your instincts. I thought I was safe in human territory. Wild wolfblood packs would never venture into civilisation. I was wrong. They would …

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  • Wolfydan56

    Red Blood

    June 8, 2014 by Wolfydan56

    My visson darkens, I can still feel the pain in my back, *I'm dead!* keeps going through my mind. "your going to make the other stalker's weep when they see you in the field" i hear a mans voice say, i open my eyes, in the left corner of my eye theres a small icon, i blink and i can see heat!
    I blink again and i an see in night visson
    "and the boy who started this all awakes to his new body" i hear the voice again, i turn to see him.
    A jolt of anger shoots down my spine and i try and lash out but my hands are tied to something.
    "thats not nice to try and do to your creater now is?" he says mockingly
    "you never created me!" i say in a dead metallic voice *thats not my voice!* i think
    "oh yes i did, you helped me, but i created the new you" …

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  • Wolfydan56

    wolfblood fan made story

    November 9, 2013 by Wolfydan56

    3 weeks after maddy and her family left

    Rhydian sits in the dan thinking of maddy, tom and shannon then walk into the dan Rhydian looks at them "what do you want?" he says "mate we know you miss maddy, but it won't be forever." tom says "you know she didn't want to go, she had to." Rhydian looks down at the floor "come on Rhydian we can go to burnie's and get a drink" shannon steps forward "can't you just leave me alone" said Rhydian "you know we are only trying to help" shanno walks infront of the tunnle "Rhydian we are your friends and we are here to help, if you let us" shannon says kindly "move out of the way" Rhydian stands up "there's no need to be rude" snaps Shannon "there's something in the tunnle." he pushers past her Tom steps forward…

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  • Lilycakepirate

    The Pack of Blood

    October 10, 2013 by Lilycakepirate

    It's been two years since Rhydian left with his family and ever since Maddy's been having terrible dreams of war and death, something is coming. When the Smith's cousins from the North show up with news about a rising threat that call themselves 'The Pack of Blood', Maddy might be the only one that can save her family, friends and a few old foes on the way. Maddy/Rhydian. AU S2. Read my wolfblood fanfiction here:

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  • DanBing

    Hi. I bet you've all got amazing wolfblood FanFiction ideas, but don't know how to share them with your wiki friends! It's just been made a whole lot easier with the Fan Fiction blog listing category!

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  • Cynder rush

    My fanfic: Fame

    September 7, 2013 by Cynder rush

    Ok, it's a work in progress, but i'll finish it soon.

    Rhydian sighed. Shannon had been on about this beast thing ever since Rhydian knew her, and acording to Maddy and Tom she'd been at it since she was in primary school. The four of them were at Shannon's house, but Shannon had walked out of the room to get something. Probably her camera thought Rhydian, but as he said so he remembered about the exited look on her face, and that kind of face only appears on people who have just won the lottery. Him, Maddy and Tom were waiting in Shannon's living room, Tom spinning his football on his finger and Maddy slumped down on an armchair picking at her fingernail. Groaning, Rhydian checked his watch. She'd been 10 minutes! Why would it take so long …

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