Daniel Smith
Born N/A
School Year N/A
Hair Colour & Eye Colour Gold/black
Species Wolfblood
Family Emma Smith (Wife)
Maddy Smith (Daughter)
Interests Building/Designing
Crush Emma smith (wife)
Friends Mike and Laura
Enemies/Frenemies Ceri
Nicknames Dan (Emma Smith)
First Appearance Lone Wolf
Last Appearance The Discovery
Portrayer Marcus Garvey
Daniel "Dan" Smith is Maddy Smith's father and an Alpha Wolfblood. His pack consists of him, his wife Emma Smith, his daughter Maddy, and for a short length of time, Rhydian Morris. He has connections with other Wolfbloods who hold high positions of authority in the government. He contacts them when Rhydian returns so that they can re-arrange his foster care and allow him to come live with the Smith's. He looks very laid back with his life style and is somewhat oblivious when it comes to his daughter.

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Daniel is medium height, has red hair, and green eyes, or yellow in wolf form. In wolf form, his fur is a couple of shades darker than his wife's.

Daniel "Dan" Smith is portrayed by Marcus Garvey.


He is shown to be understanding and caring, for instance when he welcomed Rhydian into his pack and does not like to go against his wife, Emma. In his teenage years, he was known to dabble with Eolas and his Wolf powers, suggesting that as he grew, up he was either a rebel or wild Wolfblood. He is much more lenient with Maddy and tends to defend her more, except in Irresistible when he chastises her for giving those drawings to Shannon and Tom.


Daniel Smith as a wolf

The Smith Family

Daniel knows that his family has lived in the area for hundreds of years, evading detection as wolfbloods from the inhabitants of Stoneybridge.

In Series 2, it is revealed that William Smith - a relative from 200 years ago - was shot and killed by Abraham Runcorn Hunter, a paternal ancestor of Liam Hunter. At this time the Smiths used a vast network of tunnels - once a medieval tin mine - leading from the basement of their family house (the Den) to Aern Hollow, and likely had been doing so for many hundreds of years. Around William's death, the passage underneath the Smith house was bricked up for fear of detection by Abraham the werewolf hunter, and was left forgotten. This suggests the Smiths have been living in the same house and have been trying to pass as humans since long before this date.

The name 'Smith' suggests they originally took up work as blacksmiths for the village.

It is possible that the Smith family has lived in the area of Stoneybridge for even thousands of years (The Discovery).

Wolf form

Daniel as a wolf.

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