Desperate Measures
Series 2, Episode 2x08
Capture 248
Airdate 1 October 2013
Written by Richard Kurti & Bev Doyle
Directed by Roger Simonsz
Reception N/A
CBBC Weekly Ranking 8
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Desperate Measures is the eighth episode of the second series of CBBC's show, Wolfblood which first broadcasted on 1 October 2013.


Jana is determined to find and destroy Shannon's laptop, but it seems like more than one person is after it. Will they be able to find the missing cameras and laptop in time, or will someone else discover their secret?



Jana is after Shannon's laptop because she believes that the information about wolfblood on it could put all wolfbloods at risk meanwhilewhile The Three Ks squabble over a football ticket. During a fight between the Ks, Shannon's laptop is stolen. Shannon thinks Jana stole it and so breaks into her locker only to discover that its not there. Tom overhears Rhydian and Maddy agreeing with Jana that the information needs to be destroyed. He tells Shannnon that he thinks they are involved in the theft.

Meanwhile, two cameras have been stolen from the Dark Room. Maddy and Rhydian believe that Shannon stole the cameras as revenge for the stolen laptop. Jana meanwhile just got out of a detention she got for breaking into Shannon's locker. The gang regroup and Jana, Maddy, and Rhydian proclaim their innocence. Shannon uses a GPS app on her phone to track the laptop but a figure in a hooody using Shannon's laptop deletes the app on her laptop. Jana jumps onto the roof so that she can try and find the thief.

After spotting him and jumping on him, it is discovered to be Sam, one of Jimi's friends who couldn't afford a football ticket. He wanted to sell the laptop and the cameras. Rhydian and Tom give him a lecture about stealing and tell him they won't tell Jeffries if he promises not to do it again. Shannon gets her laptop back and Maddy puts the cameras back. They talk and Shannon tells Maddy that she wanted to keep the information because nobody had believed her about 'the beast' and she wanted to prove them wrong. Maddy tells her that knowing the truth about wolfbloods should be enough without having to document it. Shannon deletes the wolfblood files from her laptop and hugs Maddy. The two mended their friendship. When Sam asks Shannon about the Wolf folder, she says it's a project and Sam never thinks about it again.