Dr. Rebecca Whitewood
Wolves Among Us


30/40 approx

Hair Colour & Eye Colour

Brown & Hazel




Mr. Tim Jeffries


Dacia Turner

First Appearance

Grave Consequences

Last Appearance

United We Stand


Effie Woods (Series 2)
Letty Butler (Series 3, Series 4 & Series 5)

During Season 2, Dr. Whitewood appears when a skeleton is found in Stoneybridge. She believes it to be half-wolf, half-human, although, Shannon denies it. Due to the tests she was going to carry out, Maddy and Rhydian stole the bones (who were her great-great-great uncle William's). However, she gets some of Maddy's blood and therefore, DNA. Luckily, Shannon notices and when the tent collapses on them, she switches Maddy's swab for her own. It is found out that she and Mr. Jeffries went to college together. He also seems to fancy her.

In the series finale, she finds a "mutant" saliva on the wolf chew that Liam gave her. She tells the Smith's that she won't tell anyone, but wants to know more about them.The Smith's refuse, with Emma Smith saying that she will not have her family as lab rats, and they go to join Jana's pack in the wild because staying in the human world wasn't safe now that their secret is out.

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Series 3

With a new portrayer (Letty Butler), Whitewood returns in Ulterior Motives. We learn that she lost her job for her "werewolf" theory and she has been looking for evidences since the disappearence of the dog chew. In episode 1, she finds out that Rhydian is wolfblood too. To keep the secret, Dacia offers her a job in Segolia.

Series 4

In series 4 episode 3 Ultimatum, Dr. Whitewood comes to the flat to treat Meinir's pnuemonia. However, she then makes Jana see Imara to discuss Matei and Emilia. Once that has been settled she continues to help Minir and creates a new serum to bring back her wolf.

In episode 8, Rebecca has to drive TJ, Jana, Mr. Jeffries and Niamh to Carrie's safe house. She tells Jana that Carrie has been kept heavily sedated. She helps them escape too.

In episode 9, she goes with Jana to the wild pack, to find out how Minir's treatment is working. She watches them wolf out at full moon with Katrina. However, Madoc conspiders her as a threat and pushes her off the cliff with Emilia. She is soon rescued by Jana.

In following episodes she is featured on the viral video and in episode 12 helps Jana sustain her wolf by giving her Meinir's serum instead of Kincaid's.

She is also featured in Mr. Jeffries' book, Bloodwolf. As a 'beautiful scientist', and the main character's love interest.

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