Emma Smith
Born N/A
School Year N/A
Hair Colour & Eye Colour Brown & Brown
Species Wolfblood
Family Daniel Smith (Husband)
Maddy Smith (Daughter)
Interests framing
Crush N/A
Friends Mike and Laura
Enemies/Frenemies Ceri
Nicknames Em by Daniel Smith
First Appearance Lone Wolf
Last Appearance The Discovery
Portrayer Angela Lonsdale

Emma Smith is married to Daniel Smith and mother to Maddy Smith, and is part of their tiny pack. Emma is more of the headstrong wolf in the house and is much more strict when it comes to Maddy. She is very protective of all the members of her family, and pack (which included Rhydian Morris), and so will not hesitate when it comes to covering for them. We know from the series that she is against the use of Eolas due to her cousin Louise going crazy with the power of them when she was Maddy's age.

Emma is quite short (a bit taller than Maddy), with brown hair and brown eyes. As a wolf, she is much smaller than her husband. 

Emma's relationship with Maddy becomes slightly strained after her first transformation. She may know how it feels as she may have gone through the same phase, but it's highly likely that most of it is Maddy's doing. Emma is extremely protective of her pack, especially Maddy. We can see this through episodes like Cry Wolf where she barred Maddy behind her when the stove caught on fire, Eolas where she protects Maddy from the girls who wanted to steal her stuff, and in Irresistible where she separates Maddy from Ceri and her pack. Emma also knows how to comfort Maddy and is often very good at doing so. 

Emma seems to have a much higher sense ability than Daniel or any of her pack, maybe due to the fact she developed this skill instead of Eolas. She has a lot of control of her wolf side most of the time and can trigger the change easily at her own will.

Emma Smith is protrayed by Angela Lonsdale.

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Series 1

Series 2

In series 2, Emma is still very protective of the pack. She also suspects that Maddy and Rhydian are becoming 'too close', so her and Daniel Smith help Rhydian move back in with the Vaughans for an unknown reason to Maddy.

Series 3

Along with the rest of the Smith family, she had been assumed to have joined Jana's wild pack, but was actually relocated by Segolia to Canada.

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