Rhydian Eolas

Rhydian using Eolas


Maddy using Eolas

Eolas is an extrasensory ability used mostly by wild wolfbloods that allows them to discover a person's whereabouts by connecting to nature. Although it can be addictive, some wolfbloods are able to control it. This power, according to Maddy's mother, can cause family separations and disputes.

In The Wild

Wild Wolfbloods use Eolas to help them hunt for prey. Rhydian's mother told him that tamed Wolfbloods didn't have knowledge of it. However, it was revealed that Maddy's father had "dabbled" with Eolas when he was younger and that Maddy's mother had lost a cousin due to it as she had "gone wild".

Maddy using Eolas (Series 2)

Using Eolas

To use Eolas, a Wolfblood must feel what is all around them- the wind around them, the ground beneath their feet. They can then use Eolas to show them something that is happening elsewhere, for instance, if you were in the middle of the woods, you would be able to see into the school. Using Eolas can also improve your reflexes, as shown by Rhydian when he is blindfolded and turned around to knock a can off of Liam's head.

Although Maddy got addicted to it in Series 1, she is seen using it in recurring occasions during Series 2 but seems to have no addictive effect on her. 

Rhydian using Eolas.