Series 1, Episode 1x13
Airdate 22 October 2012
Written by Debbie Moon
Directed by Andrew Gunn
Reception 479,000
CBBC Weekly Ranking 1
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Leader Of The Pack (Series 2)

Irresistible is the thirteenth and final episode of the first series of CBBC's Wolfblood. Irresistble was first broadcast on 22 October 2012.


After the events of Caged, Shannon is determined to get wolves protected in Stoneybridge; however, she needs evidence of the wolves first in order to do that. Going back into the woods, she finds Kyle's wolfbait again, and intends to use it so that she can attract the wolves and take pictures of them once again. The only problem is that the wolfbait is attracting wild wolfbloods instead, and not all of them are so willing to hide the secret from humans.



Shannon is worried about the wolves and their safety; now people know they exist, they may be hunted. She plans to inform the Department of the Environment so they can protect the wolves, but first needs proof that the wolves exist and she knows how to get it - Kyle’s wolfbait!

Meanwhile, Rhydian is being tracked in the woods by his brother Bryn, who has just found out from his mother that he exists. Rhydian takes him to his foster parents’ house, but it’s the first time Bryn has ever been in a human house and he knocks over lots of things by mistake, meaning they have to run away. Now Shannon and Tom are in terrible danger in the woods as they are tracking a feral Ceri and Bryn with wolfbait.

They are driven wild by the smell, and Maddy has to escape from her house to try to rescue her friends. She gets there just in time, but to save them she has to transform in front of them. The secret is out, but Rhydian convinces Shannon which makes Shannon change her mind about telling the whole world. Shannon and Tom knocks at Maddy's house to give the memory card. Rhydian leaves with his family. Tom then tells Maddy that Rhydian loves her.  When she asks if Rhydian told him that directly, Tom replies that he didn't have to.

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