Jimi Chen
Born (Aged 14 Series 1, 15 Series 2, 16 Series 3)
School Year N/a
Hair Colour & Eye Colour Black & Brown
Species Human
Family Mr. Chen (father)
Unknown mother
Interests Football
Crush N/A
Friends Sam
Enemies/Frenemies Maddy
Nicknames Jimi
First Appearance Lone Wolf
Last Appearance Moonrise
Portrayer Jonathan Raggett
Jin Gau "Jimi" Chen is one of the teenagers that attends Bradlington High. He is an average troublemaker who enjoys getting people in trouble; especially Rhydian. At first, when Rhydian gets to the school, Jimi called him "Leek Boy". However, ever since Rhydian helped the school win a football match, Jimi leaves Rhydian alone, and in fact, invites him to join the team to go for burgers. However, he also tries to get Rhydian expelled.  In an episode, we also learn that Jimi does not get along with his father too well and that can be why he stirs trouble to gain the attention of his father.

Jimi's father also calls him by his Chinese name, and he is quite rich. Jimi has two friends called Sam and Liam, who are like his sidekicks and follow him wherever he goes and relies on him to make most decisions for them. He also seems to get along with Tom because they're both on the football team and in the episode Cry Wolf, Jimi offered to help Tom pass the test by cheating.

Jimi is portrayed by Jonathan Raggett.

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Series 2

During series 2, Jimi is still known as the school bully, making fun of Maddy and Jana at times, which generally provokes Rhydian to attack him. In Dances With Wolfbloods he is seen to be dancing with Kara and he is disappointed when Katrina drags Kara away so this could be he has an interest in Kara.

Series 3

We don't see much of Jimi in series 3 in terms of a plotline, though when we do Jimi is up to his usual antics.

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