Matei Covaci
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Born 1999/2000
School Year 12 (age 17)
Hair Colour & Eye Colour Dark Brown / Brown (human) Yellow (wolf)
Species Wolfblood
Family Emilia Covaci (sister)
Madalina Covaci (mother, deceased)
Stefan Covaci (father, deceased)
Interests Reading
Crush Jana (Vilkas)
Friends Jana (Vilkas)
Terrence "TJ" Cipriani
Selina Khan
Katrina MacKenzie
Dr. Rebecca Whitewood
Enemies/Frenemies Madoc
Nicknames Fit Brother (by Katrina in "Wolfblood Ultimatum" )
First Appearance Captivity
Last Appearance United We Stand
Portrayer Jack Brett Anderson

Matei Covaci is introduced in Series 4. He is the older brother of Emilia Covaci, whom he has raised since the death of their parents. Matei is fiercely protective of his little sister and has a particular distaste for humans. He is introduced in Episode 1 Captivity and from there takes a shine to Jana (Vilkas).

Matei Covaci is portrayed by Jack Brett Anderson.

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Jana (Vilkas)

Jana is Matei's friend and another wolfblood from the wild. She and Matei first met at the city when she hunts for him and Emilia . She then rescues him and Emilia from an animal catcher and Matei began to trust Jana. Matei has had a crush on Jana since the beginning, but was too shy to tell her. When the wolfblood secret was expose all over the country, Matei tells Jana to come with him to the wild, but she refuses. Eventually, Matei and Jana become very close.

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