Wolfblood Meinir
Born N/A
School Year N/A
Hair Colour & Eye Colour Brown / Green
Species Wolfblood
Family Aran (brother)
Interests N/A
Crush N/A
Friends Jana (Vilkas)
Enemies/Frenemies Humans
Tame wolfbloods
Nicknames N/A
First Appearance The Scape Goat
Last Appearance Morwal
Portrayer Lisa Marged

Meinir used to be a beta wolf in the wild pack and is the sister of Aran.

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Meinir, like many wild wolfbloods in her pack, is disgusted by human life and looks down on tame wolfbloods like Maddy Smith.  Meinir was Alric's henchwoman, though she is prideful and has shown rebellious tendencies, often being suspected of plotting to become pack leader.



Meinir cares deeply about her brother Aran, though they are not always in league.

Jana (Vilkas)

Meinir was not happy that Jana become leader of the pack and challenges her to a fight, which Jana wins. But when Jana was shot, Meinir helped the other wolfbloods to carry Jana.

Dacia Turner

Meinir doesn't like Dacia because she is tame, telling her that her hair "smells like flowers" while the rest of her "smells of poison."

Series 3


Aran and Meinir return to Stoneybridge with Jana when she is injured, carrying her to Maddy's old house. The two were confused with everything that Rhydian tells them, like putting Jana on the sofa, taking Jana upstairs and putting Jana on the bed. When Rhydian put a bowl of unusual meat in the microwave, Aran, Meinir, and Ceri gave a long stare at the meat and Aran asked Rhydian what it is and Rhydian replied they're hot dogs for Jana.

In the final episode of Series 3, we find out that Menir has been turned into a human by Alex Kincaid, and when Tom, Shannon, Jana, and Dr. Whitewood found Alex's wolfblood serum, they zapped it at every wolfblood that has been captured and turned almost human, but when Aran zapped it at Meinir before the full moon began, it didn't work, and now she is a human forever. Though Aran says she will always be his sister. Meinir returns with Aran to the pack, it's suggested that Aran or Alric will lead the pack, with Jana only visiting frequently.

Series 4

Meinir and Aran arrive at the Kafe telling Jana, Matei, and Emilia that she was dying. Jana tried to gain help from Imara and Dr. Whitewood. Imara then said she would only help if she handed Matei and Emilia over, but Jana refuses. Jana then tells Meinir that Segolia will help and Meiner says "Thank you my Alpha" and out of guilt tells Aran. He then replays that Kincaid had taken the wolf out of her and she must remain in the city with Jana. Then in an accident involving TJ, Imara decided to operate on Meinir.

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