Please answer all questions & remember to sign your request with four tildes (~~~~)!

1) What is your username?


2) How long have you been on this wiki?

About 2 to 3 weeks

3) How many edits have you made?

Only about 35.

4) Why should you be chosen as admin?

Because I am a huge fan of wolfblood and I think I can help out other users. I am really good at finding things out. I could find out when upcoming shows and seasons are about to air.

5) Any additional details?

I know I don't fill hardly any of the requirments, but please give me a chance. I spend most of my time on this wiki. For all the time I do spend, it's basicly like I have been on for a month. This is literaly my new favorite show and all I'm asking for is a chance to be apart of this. Plus I recomended this website to a lot of my friends and around 9 of them have actually joined. So please consider me.


Redx Your request has been declined.

Sorry, but the requirements are there for a reason. However, you are a very good user and once you reach the requirements, I think you will have a good chance of becoming admin!
I have lowered the requirements a little, to make it easier to reach.

Squeefully yours,
-DanBing Smiley30x30.png 13:43, October 26, 2013 (UTC)