Please answer all questions & remember to sign your request with four tildes (~~~~)!

1) What is your username? maddian4ever

2) How long have you been on the wiki? 8 days ( I know you have to have been on here atleast 2 months but I had to apply as I know so much about wolfblood and I looked to give everything a go!)

3) How many edits have you made? 47 ( I know you have to have made atleast 250 edits but I thought 47 in eight days was quite good !)

4) Why should you be chosen as admin? Because I like to help people. Also I have a personal rule that if someone has spent their time for me I.E. Making Wolfblood wiki ( Although it is not for me personaly I still use so It counts.) I should do something back I.E Becoming an admin. Also i know more about Wolfblood and Wiki's and making them then I know my own life

5) Any additional details?

I'm an expert on wolfblood


Redx Your request has been declined.

Again, like the other applicants, I'd ideally like someone who has achieved the guidelines, so I know they'll be committed. Not to say you aren't committed, but I'd like admins to be experienced with the wiki.

You seem to be a good user, so if you meet the guidelines, please apply again.

Squeefully yours,
-DanBing Smiley30x30.png 19:12, October 31, 2013 (UTC)