Rhydian is a young in foster care wolfblood. His mum Ceri is in the wild pack. He lives in the human world with a foster mum and 2 foster brothers who look up to him (most of the time). He went to school with Maddie Smith, Shannon Kelly and Tom. Maddie (whos a wolfblood) loved Rhydian but she had to move to canada in the 2nd series due to doctor Whitewood finding her familys secret. Segolia moved Maddie to canada to protect her. Segolia then came to Rhydians school to pretend to tell him Maddie was safe. But they were really looking for his father. He is the main character in most series and he is friends of Yana (leader of the wild pack) He is a tame wolfblood who has been controling the wolf and learning to be a wolfblood through all the series.