General Information
Shipped Characters: Rhydian Morris and Shannon Kelly
Length of Relationship: Series 1 - Series 3
Status: Close Friends
Rivals: Shandy
Other Pairing Names: Rhyannon
Rhydiannon is a shipped pairing of Rhydian Morris and Shannon Kelly on the show Wolfblood. It is not a fan favorite.

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Series 1

Lone Wolf Hints

  • When Maddy declares Rhydian is here to stay, Shannon accepts with questioning (and that's hard or her!) and invites him back to Bernie's.

Mysterious Development Hints

  • Rhydian comforted shannon when she was crying.
  • Shannon opened her heart out to Rhydian, hardly knowing him she talked about her haunted memories.
  • Rhydian offered Shannon some vegan chcoclate.
  • Shannon called Rhydian really sweet to Maddy.

Family Ties Hints

  • Shannon and Rhydian stay after school together to find the culprit of the vandalised art work.

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Series 2

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