General Information
Shipped Characters: Rhydian Morris and Tom Okanawe
Length of Relationship: Series 1 - Series 3
Status: Close Friends
Rivals: Rhydiannon
Other Pairing Names: Tomian

Rhyditom is the friendship pairing of Rhydian Morris and Tom Okanawe. They have been good friends since Rhydian's arrival, but when Tom had a temporary crush on Maddy, Tom didn't like Rhydian because he knew that Maddy liked him in a romantic way and that she didn't like Tom in that way. There aren't many hints and it is an unusual pairing.

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Series 1

Lone Wolf

Mysterious Developments

Family Ties

Cry Wolf

Occam's Razor

  • Tom thinks Rhydian and Maddy are dating, dismissing Shannon's idea of Maddy being a werewolf. He defended Rhydian and backed him up with his fox theory.

Maddy Cool!

  • Tom thinks that Maddy and Rhydian kissed when he entered the dark room, to ask maddy out, though they were actually fighting.
  • In the party Rhydian holds Maddy's hand when she gets there, really mad about being told the party was somewhere else, and Tom thinks they're dating, therefore he gets mad.

Dark Moon


  • Tom says that Rhydian is supposebly 'jealous' of Maddy and him, though he is cleary the jealous one.
  • Rhydian kinda admits he was a bit jealous when he says "Dont push your luck."

A Quiet Night In

The Call of the Wild




  • Tom tells Maddy that Rhydian always loved her and when she asked if he said that Tom said that 'he didn't have to'.