Wolfblood-jimi-sam-liam 304x171
Born 1998 (Aged 14 Series 1, 15 Series 2, 16 Series 3)
School Year 10/11
Hair Colour & Eye Colour Brown/Brown
Species Human
Family N/A
Interests Football
Crush N/A
Friends Jimi
Enemies/Frenemies Rhydian
Nicknames N/A
First Appearance Lone Wolf
Last Appearance Moonrise
Portrayer Nahom Kassa
Sam is one of Jimi's friends. He doesn't speak much through the series. He's always following Jimi's lead.

Sam is portrayed by Nahom Kassa.

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Series 2

In series 2, his personality is more shown on the episode Desperate Measures. He steals Shannon's laptop and the cameras they have in their photography room. He couldn't afford a football ticket. He wanted to sell the laptop and the cameras. Rhydian and Tom give him a lecture about stealing and tell him they won't tell Jeffries if he promises not to do it again.

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