Segolia building.


Imara Cipriani
Victoria Sweeney
Dacia Turner
Dr. Rebecca Whitewood
Jana (Vilkas)


Wild Wolfbloods
Cures in Science and Medicine

Segolia is a major multi national company secretly run by wolfbloods, which is not known by the majority of human employees. They have 50 different sites and offices around the world including one in Newcastle.


Segolia focuses on medical and scientific research to try and find cures for diseases that can both heal humans and wolfbloods. They show a particular in wild wolfbloods by comparing the wild wolfblood cells to normal. Shannon Kelly immediately takes an interest in Segolia when Dacia Turner comes to Bradlington High's careers fair and informs Rhydian Morris about the company. As well as Shannon, Kara shows a particular interest in Segolia.

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