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Maddy & Rhydian in Series 2

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(plus a secret episode)

Air Dates

UK: 9th September 2013


Leader Of The Pack


The Discovery


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The second series of Wolfblood began on the 9th of September 2013 on CBBC in the United Kingdom. It consists of thirteen episodes and a secret episode. The secret episode gives background info on why Rhydian came back. It is kind of a prequel to episode 1, it is called 'The Scape Goat'. It is unknown when the series will air in the United States on Disney Channel.


Series Two follows on from Series One. There is a scary new enemy, a surprising new arrival in Stoneybridge, a strange discovery from the distant past, and romantic developments for a couple of characters. The intense trials and tribulations of school, friendships, heartbreak and mystery continue in this second series, as Rhydian unexpectedly returns to Stoneybridge putting Maddy and her loved ones in danger. In the 13 episodes a sparkling chain of events happen, Alric makes reappearances, a new character called Jana brings out new sides in main characters and Shannon has a hidden camera in the den, which Maddy does not know about. Maddy and Rhydian must triumph over potential disaster again and again, comforting issues of trust, love and betrayal. But the world is closing in on the Wolfblood secret with disastrous consequences for both of them ...


  1. Leader Of The Pack
  2. The Girl From Nowhere
  3. Grave Consequences
  4. Total Eclipse of the Moon
  5. Ancient Grudge
  6. Mottled Poppy
  7. Top Dog
  8. Desperate Measures
  9. Dances With Wolfbloods
  10. Fall of the Wild
  11. Best Of Both Worlds
  12. Going Underground
  13. The Discovery


Main Cast

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Series 2 Interview

Wolfblood Series 2 Aimee Kelly and Bobby Lockwood Interviewed-1

Wolfblood Series 2 Aimee Kelly and Bobby Lockwood Interviewed-1

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