Series 4
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Air Dates

UK: March 8, 2016




Protocol 5


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Series 5

Series 4 of Wolfblood was confirmed by CBBC in 2015 and aired on March 8, 2016 in the UK.


Main Characters

Recurring Characters

Former Characters


  1. Captivity
  2. A Long Way from Home
  3. Wolfblood Ultimatum
  4. Morwal
  5. The Quiet Hero
  6. She-Wolf
  7. Sheep's Clothing
  8. Where Wolf
  9. Into the Wild
  10. The Wild at Heart
  11. Viral
  12. Protocol 5


  • This series saw the debut of a new title sequence for the first time in the show's history, other than minor tweaks, the title sequence remained the same throughout Series 1-3. The new title sequence reflects the fact that the show is now set in the city rather than in Stoneybridge.
    • This series also saw the debut of a new theme song, which apart from changes in the arrangement, had remained the same throughout the first three series. The new theme song is titled "Running With the Wolves" and is sung by Aurora.
  • The fourth series saw a major change in cast, there are no original main cast members left, only seven cast members from the previous series returned, Gabrielle Green has been promoted to main cast, there are five new main cast members, and one new recurring cast member.
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