General Information
Shipped Characters: Shannon Kelly and Tom Okanawe
Length of Relationship: Series 1 - Series 3
Status: Best Friends/Possible Crush
Rivals: Shandy
Other Pairing Names: Tannon

Shom is the pairing of Shannon Kelly and Tom Okanawe. There are not many hints, but it is a fan favourite.

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Louisa and Kedar episode Total Eclipse of The Moon

Series 1

Lone Wolf Hints

  • Tom and Shannon stand together in the woods waiting for Maddy

Mysterious Developments

Family Ties

Cry Wolf

  • Tom carries Shannon out of the fire in the science lab

Occam's Razor

Maddy Cool!

  • Even though Tom is beginning to form a crush on Maddy, he is still awe-struck when Shannon changes into a dress for The Three Ks' party, even though she insists it's "just a bit of make up".

Dark Moon


A Quiet Night In

The Call of the Wild




Series 2

Leader Of The Pack

The Girl From Nowhere

Grave Consequences

Total Eclipse of the Moon

  • Tom convinces Shannon to go sing at the Lunar Fair.

Ancient Grudge

Mottled Poppy

Top Dog

  • Tom helps Shannon even though it means betraying his friends.
  • Tom stands up to Jimi for the key to save Shannon. This is the first time he has truly stood up to him.

Desperate Measures

Dances With Wolfbloods

Fall of the Wild

  • Tom gives Shannon a piggyback

Best Of Both Worlds

Going Underground

The Discovery

  • Tom holds hands with Shannon when their in the open field and as the climb up the slope to Maddy, Rhydian, Daniel, and Emma.
  • They both agree and convince Rhydian to ask Maddy out, showing Tom is over Maddy.

Series 3

Ulterior Motives

Alpha Materiel