Terrence Cipriani
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Born 1999/2000
School Year Year 11 (age 16)
Hair Colour & Eye Colour Brown/ Green (human) Yellow (wolf)
Species Wolfblood
Family Imara Cipriani (mother)
Interests Skateboarding
Vintage Trainers
Crush Selina Khan (current)
Holly/Niamh (Sheep's Clothing - Where Wolf)
Friends Jana (Vilkas)
Selina Khan
Matei Covaci
Emilia Covaci
Enemies/Frenemies Madoc
Nicknames TJ
Big Mouth Cipriani
First Appearance Captivity
Last Appearance United We Stand
Portrayer Louis Payne

Terrence "TJ" Cipriani is a new character from Series 4. He is the son of the new head of Segolia, Imara Cipriani. He’s full of bravado, thinks he’s super street-smart and knows everything. He often tries really hard to be ‘cool’. When the chips are down, he’s a good Wolfblood at heart, but he definitely needs Jana and the pack at his side.

Terrence "TJ" Cipriani is portrayed by Louis Payne.

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TJ is a bubbly happy wolfblood he usually is smiling he tries to be the cool one because he has not yet transformed in this series he has a lot of love troubles and has a lot of big decisions and sacrifices to make.


Selina Khan

Screenshot 2016-04-08-15-27-29

A selfie of Selina and TJ, set as his Home Screen.

TJ shows an interest in Selina but he won't admit it in. The Quiet Hero when Selina is fighting, she wolfs out, and her veins start to show. TJ jumps on her so no one sees her veins. He has also attempted to kiss Selina twice, being rejected both times. She is also his Home Screen picture on his phone.


TJ and Niamh

TJ gazed upon Niamh in the Kafe, while admiring her vintage trainers, as she was standing by a jukebox. He went over to make conversation, however, Niamh remained silent and wrote her phone number in pen, on TJ's forehead. She justifies her actions by saying to TJ, "Anything to keep you quiet.". TJ is ecstatic that he has recieved Niamh's number, however, his pack are disappointed that he likes a human, believing that it is best to continue his bloodline.

In the skatepark, Niamh is fascinated by TJ's skills, revealing that she had an interest in skateboarding as well. They both admitted to snooping each other online, TJ finding her public profile and Niamh finding nothing. She starts to get a bit tense, asking TJ to be upfront with her, withholding no secrets. Back in the Kafe, he introduces Niamh to the pack, who take no interest in her, with a jealous Selina giving her dirty looks, and Matei showing his distaste for humans by his lack of manners.


  • Terrence is an Irish name meaning "Tender". Cipriani is possibly an alternate spelling of Cipriano, an Italian surname derived from the Latin word Cyprianus, originally an ethnic name for an inhabitant of Cyprus. The name was borne by a bishop of Carthage who was martyred in 258.
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