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Born Unknown
School Year N/A
Hair Colour & Eye Colour Brown hair & eyes
Species Human
Family Unknown
Interests Forensic science, Archeology
Crush Dr. Rebecca Whitewood (possibly)
Friends Dr. Rebecca Whitewood, otherwise unknown
Enemies/Frenemies Mr. Tim Jeffries
Shannon Kelly
Nicknames The Assistant
First Appearance Grave Consequences
Last Appearance Grave Consequences
Portrayer Scott Turnbull
The Assistant , credited as Paul, is a source of humour in the third episode of Series 2

Paul works with Dr. Rebecca Whitewood on the wolfblood excavation project in Grave Consequences, although he is not aware what a wolfblood actually is. He is often seen talking to Rebecca, helping her with work and making her laugh. 

Throughout his short appearance in the episode, he is the source of Mr. Jeffries jealousy when trying to pick up and flirt with Rebecca. His character was often cut to expressions of distain for Jeffries or intercepting Jeffrie's googly eyes at Rebecca. He helps load the bones of the dead wolfblood into the back of Whitewood's car before the tent collapses. It is possible that he is the one to grab Maddy to stop her escaping, although it could have been Mr. Jeffries.

He is somewhat a bully, like his partner, when she taunts Shannon on finding out her secret. He seems happy in the momentary knowledge that they've found a real werewolf. Although this discovery never comes to light as Shannon switched the bloodied tissues so inevitably they would only find human blood.

The Assistant, credited as Paul, is portrayed by Scott Turnbull.