The Cure
Series 3, Episode 3x09
The Cure
Airdate 13 October 2014
Written by Paul Mousley
Directed by Jermain Julien
Reception N/A
CBBC Weekly Ranking TBA
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Dark Of The Rune
The Cult Of Tom

The Cure is the ninth episode in Series 3 of CBBC's show Wolfblood.


ShannonTom, and Jana go to Segolia. Tom makes a terrifying discovery that will change his life forever.



Shannon, Tom, and Jana go to Segolia. Jana goes with Dacia for a tour. while Shannon goes with Rebecca to do research on the cure Tom gets showered on by a fountain and the car driver takes him to heat up where Tom hears the head of security (Victoria) talking with someone about Cerberus. He follows them and finds something she drops, he accidentally injects himself with it and because of the Wolfblood DNA in it, he mysteriously finds he has the ability to use Wolfblood powers.
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