The Last Dark Moon
Series 5, Episode 5x06
The Last Dark Moon
Airdate 3 April 2017
Written by Neil Jones
Directed by Steve Hughes
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The Last Dark Moon is the sixth episode of Series 5 of CBBC's show Wolfblood.

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It is dark moon day, and Katrina's grandfather has made the Kafe a wolfblood-free zone. Emilia's fate rests with Hannah, and Imara and Jana make a breakthrough in proving the conspiracy - but who can they trust?



When a news report presents the Wolfbloods and not Birdie's bigoted group as the aggressors at the Kafe, Hannah agrees to set the record straight after Selina bests her at Tae-Kwando, leading to Birdie's arrest for hate crimes. Matei tracks down Emilia but is horrified to find that she is leading a feral pack who regard all humans as the enemy. Having escaped their clutches he returns to the Kafe where Imara has some disturbing news. However Agent Jones is now convinced that Hartington is funding an anti-Wolfblood campaign and agrees to help. (Source came from here:

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