The Scape Goat
Series 2, Episode 2x00
The Scape Goat
Airdate 9th September 2013 (via Red Button)
Written by Sophie Petzel
Directed by Jermain Julien
Episode Guide
Irresistible (Series 1)
Leader Of The Pack

The Scape Goat is a Secret Episode of Wolfblood that was made available, via the Red Button service, after "Leader Of The Pack", the Series 2 premiere, aired. The episode, which bridges the gap between the series 1 finale "Irresistible" and the series 2 opener "Leader of the Pack" explains why Rhydian returns and what he did which causes him to be kicked out of the Wild Wolfblood pack. It is also the first chronological appearance of Jana and it explains how she and Rhydian met. It also explains how Rhydian escapes the clutches of Alric, Jana's father. It is still available as a clip on the CBBC website.



We introduced to Alric daughter Jana, as Alric is talking to Jana about Rhydian too attached to his "tame" wolf. Jana argues and walks away while it looks like Rhydian is cleaning his family's area jana decides to take him to the human world to see whats it like. Alric finds out and wants to punish Rhydian by Kronock (Tying a Wolfblood to a rock for 2 weeks without food or water). Then Ceri finds Rhydian attached to the rock and lets him free she tells Rhydian to run and not look back rhydian starts running while being chased by Alric, Meinir & Aran which leads into Series 2 Leader Of The Pack where Rhydian runs to Maddy Smith's Pack to get help.
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