Series 5, Episode 5x07
Airdate April 10, 2017
Written by Simon Underwood
Directed by Steve Hughes
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The Last Dark Moon
The One Who Sees

Torn is the seventh episode of Series 5 of CBBC's show Wolfblood.

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Jana and the pack ask Emilia to tread carefully now that they suspect government officials are conspiring with Hartington to chip and de-wolf wolfbloods. But Emilia has no intention of backing down and makes a public display of rebellion. Matei learns Eolas and chooses a side.



Having been tipped off by Agent Jones that Hartington has government allies in his campaign against Wolfbloods, Jana approaches Emilia and her renegades advising caution but is met only by aggression. Whilst Matei opts to stay with his sister, Jana and the others meet Agent Jones who leads them to Hartington's hide-out. However the reckless actions of Emilia and her group lead to a government act sanctioning the round-up and chipping of all Wolfbloods. As Jana and her friends go on the run Emilia is too power-drunk to realist that there is a traitor in her pack who has encouraged her to play into Hartington's hands. (Source came from here:

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