Series 4, Episode 4x11
Airdate 12 April 2016
Written by Debbie Moon
Directed by John Dower
Reception N/A
CBBC Weekly Ranking N/A
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Viral is the eleventh episode of Series 4 of CBBC's show Wolfblood.

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Jana's world crumbles and a face from the past returns.



Screenshot 2016-04-14-13-41-32

Kay being lied to by Katrina and Jana

Screenshot 2016-04-14-13-45-38

Kay watching the video then sending it to herself

This episode opens with Katrina and Jana arriving at the Kafe where they are greeted by Kay complaining about how Katrina was only supposed to be gone a day and how she had to lie to Katrina's parents. Jana and Katrina both say at the same time that it was just a camping trip gone wrong. Jana says that she's tired and heads upstairs while Katrina offers to make coffee for Kay and herself. Kay accepts the offer of coffee despite still being angry at Katrina.

While Katrina is making the coffee Kay goes on Katrina's phone and watches the video Katrina made while the wolfbloods were transforming. Kay then send the video to herself so that she can show it to Kara later.

While Katrina is sleeping Kara and Kay sneak into her bedroom and start packing her stuff. When Katrina wakes up Kay and Kara tell her that they know about the video and that its not safe to be there.

Jana comes in the bedroom with her eyes yellow, grabs the phone and deletes the video, Kay and Kara still insist that Katrina comes with them but Katrina stands up for herself and says that she's not going with them.

Then it cuts to the next day when TJ and Selina are trying to convince Matei to come to the movies with him and say that he can invite Jana. They mock him about being in love with her but Matei denies it and brings the conversation to them saying that their in love.

They arrive at the Kafe and it says that it closed so they go in to investigate.

Kay and Kara send the video all over Tumblr, Instagram and youtube and Imara says that living in the city isn't safe for any wolfblood anymore.

Everyone is forced to leave, (Matei and TJ captured by Segolia) but Jana decides to stay behind with Katrina to make sure she's safe from the wild pack or any other wolfblood.

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