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Aran and Menir at work

Wild Wolfbloods are the second type of wolfblood; the first being Tame Wolfbloods. These types of Wolfbloods don't lock themselves up on the full moon, and instead, they stay in their territory. There are wild wolfbloods all over the world, but we just see one pack in the show. This pack's home is located in the forest 'likely somewhere in the Scottish highlands' (according to creator, Debbie Moon) where they live with no human contact, except for a few accidental occasions throughout the series.

They hunt their food in the wild, according to Jana, in the Secret Episode. She yells at Alric for not teaching Rhydian how to hunt properly. They have a hard time controlling their anger and usually end up wolfing out. However, this might be by choice, since this is their primary way of defending themselves - unless it is against humans - but Alric, Jana, Aran and Meinir do manage to control their wolf selves when we see them in human territory.

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Jana's pack

They also believe that mixing with humans makes them weak, and that's the crime Alric accuses Rhydian of when Rhydian shows Jana around in the human world for the first time, during the Secret Episode. Wild wolfbloods do not have last names, however Rhydian was given the last name 'Morris' when he was taken into care, and Jana took on the surname 'Vilkas' for when she joined school.

Known Wild Wolfbloods

Known wild wolfbloods include:

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